Transportation Projects Updates

It takes a tremendous amount of effort and time to design a road, acquire property, secure funds, and get all the necessary approvals in place to actually construct it. Here’s an update on a couple of big transportation projects affecting Ward 6.

Dedeaux Road Widening Project

We’re getting closer to seeing road construction underway. So, in order to keep the public informed of the progress, I asked the mayor to bring monthly updates on the Dedeaux Road Widening project until construction starts on Phase I.

You can watch this month’s update:

Quick notes from the presentation concerning Phase I (Three Rivers Road to DeDe Drive) are:

  • Submitted plans to MDOT last week of April
  • Office Review within a couple of weeks
  • Plan, Schedule & Estimate (PS&E) submittal around June 2016
  • $4.5 million for the construction of Phase I
  • MDOT should issue bid approval to the City around July-August timeframe
  • November-December for contract award barring protests of award & other bid package issues that could delay the process


Remember, all of these projected dates are best case scenarios barring delays such as changing requirements from government approval agencies and bid protests from losing bidders.

The City has submitted a TIGER grant application seeking funding for Phases 2 & 3. For more information concerning the grant application and the support it has received from local, state, and federal officials, visit

Lorraine Road Bridge at Biloxi River

Progress for the new bridge continues at a good pace. The latest status update from the engineer is attached here.

Project Status Report – Lorraine Road Bridge Replacement at Biloxi River – 20160506 by rleeflowers

Check out this hyperlink for a virtual reality picture of the bridge. The Optonaut VR picture is best viewed via Safari, Chrome, and Firefox browsers or a mobile device.