On-going Projects Updates

Just want to keep you posted on a couple of projects that we’ve been working for a long time: Dedeaux Road Widening and Biloxi River Estates area sewer connections. Both of these projects have been going for a long time and we continue to work on them.

Dedeaux Road Widening (Phase I)
The Dedeaux Road Widening Project continues to move forward with the acquisition phase nearing completion. When we started this phase, we needed to acquire 31 separate parcels. The City is presently negotiating with two owners to purchase the remainder of the required right of way. While this has been a lengthy process, we have made this progress without taking an owner to court and using eminent domain. We believe that we will be able to reach an agreement with the remaining two owners, too.

All property purchases must be completed prior to any construction, and we continue to hold meetings with the engineering firms overseeing this project to ensure that we move as expeditiously as possible into the construction phase.

Sewer Connections
A few years ago, certain residents with septic systems were required to connect to available city sewer lines because they live in the watershed for Biloxi River or Fritz Creek and their septic systems could possibly leak bacteria into those waterways. We have dealt directly with these identified residents and assisted in connecting them to the sewer system or owe them a rebate for connecting to our system.

These project was funded by a CIAP grant that comes from lease agreements paid by oil and gas companies for drilling rights in Mississippi’s waters.

The City will contact the residents that are owed a rebate over the next few days in order to complete this process.

This has been a long time coming and we appreciate the patience of those citizens that have worked with us in this effort to protect our environment.

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