Heavy Rain Preparations

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The City and County have been putting out notices and sand since last week in preparation for the expected rain over the next few days. Ward 6 residents that live in recently flooded areas are paying attention and are preparing for the worst.


While the residents are addressing their personal property concerns, the City has been focusing on addressing the issues highlighted by the April 28 flooding. I received the following update from Public Works Director Wayne Miller earlier today:

“Our team has been cleaning ditches and working on drainage requests since day one.  We have spent the majority of our time in Ward 6 cleaning ditches that we have had access to and completing drainage requests.  We are still waiting on ROE’s for some.  Today, we received all the… ROE’s needed to clean the ditch [between] Faust Drive and Whispering Pine Drive.  The line locates for this will be called in tomorrow and work will begin next week.  We have cleaned the ditches at Gould Road and Pine Street, some along O’Neal Road, some in Pine Hills Subdivision and Loren D. Heights, replaced a failing catch basin and reshaped a ditch in Turtle Creek Subdivision, we have also increased the opening in the catch basin at the cul-de-sac at West Dogwood Drive as well as blow out the drainage downstream drainage system and other service requests and routine work.  I know we still have a lot of work to do but we are making progress.”

Last week, City Engineer Kris Riemann provided some good news for residents in Windsong subdivision who are concerned with keeping the drainage channel through their neighborhood flowing:

“The Engineering Department of the City has been coordinating for an easement through the property east of your subdivision.  Though this effort has been slow, it is moving again.  The subdivision is called White Track and enters off of O’neal Road.  [S]omething caused [the developer] to stop the process and put the final plat on hold.  I have recently heard back from the [developer’s] engineer and it is moving again.  Once the city has the land rights, then Public Works can clear this property where the drainage is clogged.”

Hopefully, the expected rain will not cause flooding. However, Public Works crews will be monitoring and clearing clogged drainage throughout the week as long as it is safe for them to be out. If you see drainage issues, please let the City know by calling 311.

To view in web browser, click https://www.rleeflowers.com/heavy-rain-preparations/