Flood Damage Reporting & Recovery

Add to the List of Damage from April 28 Storm

The City of Gulfport needs your assistance in identifying all rain, wind, hail, and flood damage within the city from the April 28 storm event. This information will be used to seek assistance from MEMA and FEMA. Assessments must show damage meets state and federal thresholds before assistance can be granted. If you know of damage that has occurred and is not on the list below, please call 311 from any cellular or landline telephone within Gulfport’s city limits or (228)868-5700.

Storm Damage on April 28, 2016 as of May 02, 2016 at 300pm by rleeflowers

Scavenging Debris from Flooded Homes is Illegal

City Ordinance prevents the rummaging and removal of curbside garbage and debris without proper approval due to privacy concerns.

Sec. 4-168. – Containers: unauthorized handling, moving and rummaging in prohibited.

It shall be unlawful for any person without authority or permission from the property owner, occupant or lessee having custody of the container to move, remove, handle, rummage in, or to disturb the garbage or recyclable containers being used or placed for collection as provided for by section 4-167 above. This section shall not apply to city, county, state or federal employees or designees performing duties within the scope of their employment, except in those instances where the said employees or designees, in the performance of their duties, cause garbage to be strewn about and do not return it to the garbage or recyclable retainer.

(Ord. No. 2714, § 2, 3-8-11; Ord. No. 2716, § 2, 3-22-11)

Police are making extra patrols in flood damaged areas. To report illegal scavenging, call 911 or (228)868-5959.