Dedeaux Road & Voting

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Attention All Road Builders!

Over the last week, we have been able to clear a major hurdle and begin the final processes of getting a contractor in place for constructing Phase I of Dedeaux Road Widening.

MDOT’s Letter Authorizing the City to Advertise for Bids

You can find the full letter from MDOT below, but the most pertinent part to folks who use Dedeaux Road is “the Federal Highway Administration and the Mississippi Department of Transportation have received and approved the PS&E Package submitted and hereby authorize the advertisement for receipt of bids on the subject project which is for Reconstruction of Dedeaux Road from Three Rivers Road to State Route 605.”

Dedeaux Rd – MDOT – Authority to Advertise by rleeflowers on Scribd

This is a huge step forward. This letter authorizes the entire project even though we are doing it in phases. If the following phases stay significantly in line with this plan (and they should), we will not have to repeat this approval process when we are ready to start the other phases.

Since we have the funding in place and the property purchased to build Phase I, we are advertising that we are accepting bids to construct that phase now.

Advertisement for Bids

The advertisement states that “work shall consist essentially of the following items: widening, overlay, and striping of 0.545 Miles of Dedeaux Rd from Three Rivers Rd to Dede Dr with the addition of bike lanes, sidewalks, signals, additional storm sewer, and all other related items of work required to complete the project.”

Dedeaux Rd – Advertisement to Bid Construction of Phase I Widening by rleeflowers on Scribd

Engineer’s Status Update

As you can see in the timeline provided by the Engineer, the timeline to construct Phase I is becoming more clear. Since contractors have been watching and waiting for this project to be bid, just as citizens that live along and drive Dedeaux Road have, I expect no unnecessary delays with the bid process. If all goes as expected, we should see visible construction occurring by late summer.

April 25, 2017 – MDOT completes final review and authorizes advertisement for bid. – COMPLETE
May 5, 2017 – First Advertisement run in Sun Herald and Clarion Ledger
May 12, 2017 – Second advertisement run in Sun Herald and Clarion Ledger
June 13, 2017 – Open received bids at 10:00 am.
+/- July 14, 2017 – MDOT concurs with award of project.
+/- July 21, 2017 – Contract documents are sent to low bidder for execution and required bonds.
+/- August 7, 2017 – Notice to proceed issued to contractor.
+/- July 7, 2018 – Project Completion.

Dedeaux Rd Status Report 5-1-17 by rleeflowers on Scribd

Vote! Polling Station Information

Tuesday, May 2 is voting day for municipal elections. Polls will be open from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m. These elections are held at the municipal precincts which differ from county, state, and federal election polling stations. To verify your correct polling location, view the following City of Gulfport map.

2017 Ward Precincts 2017 by rleeflowers on Scribd

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