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O’Neal Road Underground Work Complete

Over the weekend, the last trench across O’Neal Road was closed. The sewer infrastructure that brings the much awaited services and will allow for future growth in the area is complete.

Lessons learned from previous projects on surrounding roads have taught us the necessity in allowing the dirt to settle in the construction area. The engineers have scheduled a 30 day window for compaction of the freshly disturbed dirt. During that timeframe, the contractor will maintain the limestone surface to reduce rippling and pitting of the road surface.

Due to the sudden downpours we receive this time of year, degradation of the limestone surface may occur suddenly. Please help the City keep this road passable by calling 311 or (228)868-5700 with concerns.

The road may be dusty during dry times, but we intend to keep it open. Thank you for your continued patience. With a little more inconvenience, we will have a smooth road for a long time.

Vote Tuesday!

Eligibility requirements for voters for the Republican Runoff Election are as follows:

1. Registered voters that did not participate in the June 3rd Primary Election may vote in the Republican Primary Runoff.
2. Registered voters that cast a ballot in the Republican Primary may cast a ballot in the Republican Primary Runoff.
3. Registered voters that cast a ballot in the Democratic Primary may not cast a ballot in the Republican Primary Runoff.
(Miss. Code Ann. § 97-13-35; AG Opinion to Hon. Walter Brown on April 7, 1988)

If you are an eligible voter, remember to set aside time from your busy schedule this Tuesday to perform your civic duty. As the Primary Election results showed, every vote is important.

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